Helios Advisors brings years of experience in the direct marketing space to help advertisers launch and scale campaigns while preserving ROI and brand reputation.

As an advertiser, you have two choices - sacrifice your brand and increase risk by developing an offer to appease the affiliate masses, or… starve. We believe there is another way. A new way to scale profitable offers in the online direct response space, while preserving brand equity and campaign longevity.

Helios Advisors - Defining a New Era in Direct Marketing.

If you’re tired of conforming to the affiliate/network model; if you’re tired of spending your profits on CPA and chargeback mitigation… if you’re lost and don’t know how to launch your offer, a Helios Advisor can help. Contact us today to discuss your campaign.

The Helios Advisors Team has spent years in the trenches; navigating the high-risk waters and testing new and innovative concepts in the D.R. space. Our team studies the factors that make successful campaigns and brands successful. We model our offers after the best and lead the space in profitability, risk reduction and customer value.

We fully understand the rigors and demands of running a business – there are seemingly countless things to take care of and decisions to make, and more come every day. Worrying about if your transactions are going through and handled correctly and professionally shouldn’t be one of them. Our experience in the processing space and our unparalleled relationships with banking institutions all over the globe ensures that once you partner with Helios Payments, your payment transactions can effectively be crossed off the ever-growing list of things to worry about.

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Our Services

Helios Advisors provides a comprehensive suite of services to advertisers in the Direct Response space achieve maximum ROI without sacrificing brand integrity.

Campaign Planning:

Not sure where to get started as an advertiser? Perhaps you have live offers that just aren’t getting traction, or (even worse) are generating sales… but no profits. Helios Advisors can help. Leveraging our extensive vendor network and expertise, Helios Advisors helps new and existing offers launch and scale to new heights. Speak with a Helios Advisor today about your campaigns.

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Payment Processing:

Our unparalleled relationships with banks from just about everywhere in the world allow you to operate even as a high-risk business. We have a wealth of knowledge working with clients from all sorts of high-risk industries, and can leverage our relationships with banking institutions to make sure you have as few barriers and extra steps to go through as possible. Our specialty is placing our merchants with stable and trusted processors, and can do that for even the highest-risk business models.

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Private Network:

Helios Advisors consultants have spent years in the trenches, founding relationships with today’s super affiliates. These are publishers that understand that quality traffic and customer lifetime value matter. Contact Helios Advisors today to discuss our unique relationships in the performance marketing space.

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Tired of selling underperforming offers? Offers that are here one day, but gone the next? Helios Advisors vets every offer on our private network to ensure that our affiliates have the best, exclusive offers to promote. Speak with a Helios Advisor today to see if you have the quality, consistency and mindset that it takes to promote our Exclusive Offers.

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